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We have another presentation joining this year’s Summer Game Fest line-up. This time it’s none other than Devolver Digital’s wonderfully chaotic fantastic “E3” presentation that isn’t a presentation this year. Countdowns are in, marketing is in, getting notable gaming celebrities to appear is in! Just – it’s better if you watch the teaser trailer for yourself.


A clueless team of Devolver Digital execs, scrambling to produce a presentation, accidentally trigger a reality-bending, industry-wide event that threatens the very fabric of video game time and space.


Fans of Devolver’s yearly presentations will be happy to see that Hazel Sajecka, Nina Struthers, and more familiar characters are back for 2022 and are joined by Suda 51 (as Mecha Suda 51). The mix will certainly keep things interesting while adding to the lore for this series – oh, and maybe some game announcements. That’s possible.

Joking aside, we do know thanks to Devolver’s Twitter account that Cult of the Lamb will be featured during the marketing countdown to marketing (which totally isn’t a showcase or presentation). As for the rest of it, well, that’s up in the air. Shadow drops? Merch drops? Brand new video games announced? Countdowns being announced during countdowns’ countdowns’ countdowns…

Anything is possible with Devolver Digital’s yearly Direct. You can watch it for yourself in all its glory on Thursday, June 9th, at 3 p.m. PT | 6 p.m. ET on Twitch or catch the YouTube upload on Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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