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The season for big game news is upon us, and before even Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, Sega is kicking things off with an announcement this Friday, June 3rd for… something. A new project of some sort will be announced, with executive manager Hiroyuki Miyazaki and producer Yosuke Okunari hosting. The only other teaser is a Mega Drive/Genesis controller made of cake.


Why are those details significant? Well, these were the two who announced the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini together back in 2019, with Okunari working exclusively on retro re-releases and the Genesis Mini being Miyazaki’s last major product. Between that and the Thinking emoji, Sega certainly seems to be implying that another Mini console (or something like it?) is on the way. 

Okunari has previously gone on the record saying he would like to see a Dreamcast Mini, so that appears to be the most likely option, though the odds of a Saturn Mini aren’t completely infeasible (if perhaps unlikely). Either way, the stream will take place on Friday at 4am PST and 7am EST in Japanese, if you want to watch it despite those conditions (or hey, maybe you live in Europe). All will be revealed then.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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