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The Johto Villain Arc in Pokémon Masters EX is in full swing, and there’s more coming. The app was updated to Version 2.21.0 last night, bringing some under-the-hood changes and a brand-new icon featuring Lugia. The changes live right now are mostly music-related, giving us some new songs in the jukebox and background music changes in a few story battles — and there are more exciting changes to come.

Later this week there will be Sygna Suit versions of the three Johto protagonists added to the game; Ethan will be paired with Lugia, Kris with Suicune, and Lyra with Celebi. Each of these Trainers will be a Master Sync Pair for Johto, bringing team-wide buffs that will be multiplied for every other Johto Sync Pair on the team. These three Sync Pairs will also be featured in a story update to the Johto Villain Arc, where the trio will attempt to put a stop to Giovanni’s ambitions.

The update to the Johto Villain Arc will go live in-game on May 29th, and hopefully these three sync pairs will follow closely behind.


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