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Do you wish to signal to the world that your main vices are gluttony AND greed? Then this might be the perfect product for you — a Snorlax necklace and ring from high-end Japanese boutique jeweler U-Treasure (who’s made many other Pokémon products in the past), which can cost you a pretty penny the size of Jupiter depending on how you look at it.



Now, the silver edition of the jewelry is expensive, but only as much as an anime girl figurine (this is my new gold standard, apparently – ¥18,700 (~$146) for the necklace, ¥24,200 (~$190) for the ring. However, if you really want to flaunt a frivolous amount of wealth, you can shell out the platinum version of the necklace, which goes for over ten times the price at ¥275,000 (~$2,152). That’s rent money, right there. Wowzers.

Anyway, you can order the items (along with others) at U-Treasure’s online store. Because we all need a two thousand dollar piece of jewelry based on a funny creature from a children’s video game, don’t we?





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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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