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I know all the names there are to know in video games — Shigeru Miyamoto, Todd Howard, Uwe Boll — but I must admit my knowledge of people outside that gaming sphere befuddle me. So I’m not sure why so many people are engaging with the post of some fella — named LeBron “King” James (he seems confident, at least) — saying he likes the N64 more than the GameCube. Like, what’s so special about him?



It was an oddly specific question (why pit these two specific consoles against one another?), but it’s understandable why Mr. James answered the way he did — apparently he was born in 1984, which means he would’ve been in his teens as the N64 lifecycle perpetuated. And we tend to flock more to the games we played in childhood than otherwise. Regardless, this simple answer provoked heated, even cavalier responses from others, who began to fervently debate which console is better.

I’m not sure why so many people asked this one guy though, or why I’m even reporting on it. I mean, it’s not like while he was playing that N64 he blossomed into the talent prospect of a generation, became drafted by his hometown professional team, faced dramatic years of carrying that team on his shoulders to no avail, fled to Florida for a bit and finally won some championships, returned to his original team and in an act of redemption and secured them a title for the first time in history, and now hangs out in LA as a sometimes movie star and one of the greatest to ever play his sport in history. That doesn’t seem plausible. Though… he does look kinda familiar. Does he play baseball? Nah, it’s not like he’s Michael Jordan. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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