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Do you have hundreds of dollars to spend? Do you wish you, like Master Xehanort, could master the flow of time? Well then these Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary watches are for you, coming in two designs of two colors each — the Quartz Black/Quartz Silver design goes for $302, while the Open Heart Automatic model goes for a whopping $836. Woah! That’s a lot of Munny!



Now, these are very nice watches, no doubt about that — but why the heck do they stop at XII and not XIII. “Well that’s just how clocks work–” NO. This is KINGDOM HEARTS. If Nomura was in charge of this he would MAKE SURE the clock face had thirteen numbers on them. “But then it wouldn’t work with a 24-hour clock–” SO? Listen. Artistry isn’t about logic, it’s about art. And if one of these watches had XIII numbers on them, then I would actually empty my life savings for one. 

Anyway, pre-orders are open on Play-Asia. Remember to use code WIREDEALS for 5% off — you’ll need it this time. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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