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Kirby is turning 30 today, and as part of the celebrations Kirby’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai, has shared some small tidbits about the creation of Kirby’s iconic victory dance from Kirby’s Dream Land.



Sakurai was in charge of creating the animation for the victory dance during the development of Kirby’s Dream Land. When Sakurai asked the game’s composer, Jun Ishikawa, how many frames the victory music was, he was told that he didn’t know. In order to animate to the beat of the music, Sakurai ended up listening to the victory music recorded onto a cassette tape (remember those?) several times over, presumably so that he could get the timing down just right. In an additional tweet, Sakurai shared that when he was questioned about why there is more than one Kirby during the victory dance, his answer was that it’s because having Kirby multiply for the dance was more fun.

This might be a small piece of Kirby history, but it’s sweet nonetheless!


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