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Another Pokémon from Alola is coming to GO soon — Stufful! This little red panda is based on stuffed animals, but is known for still packing quite a punch. That’s even more true for its evolved form, Bewear, who will also become available beginning with the April 2022 Community Day.

While the usual sorts of bonuses and incentives will be in place — high appearance and Shiny rate, extended Lure and Incense durations, multiplied experience and Catch Candy  — there is one letdown with this upcoming event. 

Niantic has announced that the duration of Community Days will be reduced back down to three hours. They cite their reasoning as being in the name of getting people to play together by concentrating the time, but it’s still unfortunate for anyone who preferred a slower burn or longer reward window for these regular events. To compensate, a new mechanic is being introduced that will grant 4x XP for half an hour at a time if enough Pokémon are caught via a single Lure. This Group Play Bonus might encourage more interaction and coordination, as will the reduction of trade costs.

Whatever your thoughts on those changes, the Stufful Community Day will be held April 23rd from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., your local time.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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