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I hope you haven’t eaten anything in a couple minutes, because these images might make you a mite queasy — Netflix has released some pathological promotional material for its upcoming Resident Evil series on Netflix, which is vague but also kinda stomach-churning to look at (seemingly intentionally) with its bubbly red blood and viscera contrasted against a bright yellow background (colors the series isn’t exactly known for).



The series is being helmed by Andrew Dabb of Supernatural, making this writer wonder if Leon S. Kennedy is going to be sent to superhell at any point. The first two of eight hourlong episodes will be directed by Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead). Most cast assignments are currently unknown, though we do know Lance Riddick will be Albert Wesker:



The series will drop on July 14th. We’ll presumably start seeing some trailers in the months before then.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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