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Earlier this morning, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Lego announced some brand-new additions coming to the Lego Super Mario line, including one that fans have been asking about for some time! That’s right, Princess Peach and Peach’s Castle are on the way, just in time for Mar10 Day. (Thanks to Jays Brick Blog for the details!)



First up, Princess Peach joins Mario and Luigi in receiving an electronic Mega-Figure. Like The Mario Bros. Peach has fully electronic eyes, mouth, and a mini display in her chest. Unfortunately, that means when you power her off, she will stare at you with her dead, black eyes!



Next, we are finally getting Peach’s Castle in Lego form. Sadly, this would be in the form of a playset, not a gigantic build like the Disney Castle released a few years back. Either way, it’s a welcome addition to the series, complete with new enemies like a Boomerang Bro, Spike, and Ludwig Von Koopa. Heck, Yellow Toad even makes an appearance!



No word yet on when we can expect the new sets to drop, but a Mar10 Day countdown has just appeared on the official Lego site that’s set to expire later today. Stay tuned for more details!


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Written by Jason Ganos

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