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The official Happy Meal website has recently updated its Toys section with a collection of eight Mario Kart-themed collectibles, which are now available across McDonald’s restaurants. The roster includes popular franchise characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Toadette.



Clicking on each individual toy will show you a brief video clip giving you a closer look at each racer. Every toy also comes with a small sheet of stickers, including respective decals for the accompanying kart or bike, which can also be seen in the videos.

Under the “Activities” section on the website, there’s also an image of printable activity sheets featuring Mario characters and items. At the time of reporting, the “Download” button offers activity sheets for Disney’s Stitch (which was the theme of the previous Happy Meal lineup), but those interested in downloading free Mario Kart coloring pages, word searches, and more may want to check back later when the website has updated.

YouTube channel Fast Food Toys has a video of an official toy display, which will be used in McDonald’s restaurants.



The latest Happy Meal toys may seem familiar to Mario collectors, and that’s because they’re very similar (if not identical) to those in the Mario Kart 8 set from 2014, which you can see showcased in the video below. The main difference between the two sets is that the wearable Mario visor has been replaced with Toadette.



According to the video description from the aforementioned video from Fast Food Toys, the toy display states that the toys will be available from March 8th until April 5th, 2022 across the United States.


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