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If you live in the West (and you’re not a shameful weeb like me) you’re probably unfamiliar with White Day, a recent tradition in several East Asian countries where, a month after Valentine’s Day, those who received chocolates reciprocate the gesture by giving chocolate back. Popularized in Japan in the ’70s, it’s a way for confectionery makers and others to double-dip on sweets sales (and there’s even a third “Black Day” in South Korea for single people). And now Pokémon is getting in on the for-profit action, selling a small selection of White Day chocolates well ahead of the holiday’s March 14th date. 

The cutesy chocolates are emblazoned with soft renditions of the Kanto and Sinnoh starters, with a tiny variety of holding containers for them all. The most expensive product here is only ¥1080 (less than $10), so they’re likely intended to be giri-choco (“obligation chocolates” for friends/coworkers, usually less glamorous) as opposed to honmei-choco (“love chocolate” for romantic interests, often more expensive or even homemade). But honestly, I’d be hype to receive Piplup chocolates regardless of context.



The chocolates release on February 3rd, before even Valentine’s, offering plenty of time for prospective lovebirds (or buddies) to purchase them.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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