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It’s now 2022, and while the impending fear about what the third year in this already tumultuous decade might bring is strong, we’re still all jovial enough to (rightfully) celebrate making it another year. Multiple game companies made art or posts to celebrate the occasion, such as this Monster Hunter Rise Capcom art that features characters from Street Fighter, The Great Ace Attorney, and Resident Evil VIII:



Splatoon posted a short clip of an Inkling wielding a brush like a pair of nunchucks, painting in a splattered “2022” with gusto:



Pac-Man celebrates the fireworks with the ghosts, casting various questions on the nature of their relationship. (Are they friendlier than we thought?)



The World Ends With You dressed the cast of NEO: TWEWY up in traditional attire for the holiday, though it’s funny to see Rindo still adorned with his fashion mask (I’d say he was just being pandemic-conscious but he’s not wearing it properly):



And the folks of Animal Crossing posted a cute, cozy artwork of some of the game’s more notable NPCs camped around a bonfire:



There were even more commemorations we had to skip over — did you have any favorites? Let us know on Twitter!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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