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It’s time to blast Bump of Chicken’s Karma and shout “REPLICAAAAAAA” at the top of your lungs — to commemorate the first anniversary of the Tales YouTube channel, Bandai Namco is uploading one episode of the 2008 Tales of the Abyss anime per week, with the first one (complete with English subs) available now, and the second one releasing on New Year’s:



There don’t appear to be any plans to upload the English dub to the Tales Of Youtube Channel, a shame considering its voice cast is probably how most people first experienced the property. Regardless, putting things up for free is always nice, and the 26-episode anime will serve as either a nice adaptation of the game for non-gamers or a fun curiosity for those who already know and love it. Watch it, if you’re not dreck. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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