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If you, like me, would take bullets for the Shinx line of Pokémon, then the merch gods have something in store for you: a new line of goods titled “My Rentorar’s Story” (Rentorar is the Japanese name for Luxray), combining wholesome storytelling, electric blues and blacks, and… FILA sportswear? The lineup includes the following:


  • Plushies for Shinx (3,740 yen), Luxio (3,960 yen), and Luxray (4,180 yen)
  • Plush keychains for the whole line (1,210 yen each)
  • A Shinx airpod case (2,728 yen)
  • An LED Shinx light (4,400 yen)
  • A felt pouch displaying the three Pokémon (2,728 yen)
  • A phone case designed so that closing it looks like Luxray picking up Shinx by the scruff of its neck (3,300 yen)
  • FILA Shinx shirt (5,500 yen)
  • FILA Luxio hoodie (13,200 yen)
  • FILA Luxray windbreaker (18,700 yen)
  • FILA Shinx shoulder bag (5,940 yen)
  • And more!


This is all in relation to the theme of “Shinx’s growth,” conveyed alongside a promotional graphic, conveniently in English: 



It personally kills me that none of this is conveniently available to international audiences (especially that phone case I would attack someone for that), but if you’re internet savvy or just live in Japan, you can pick up your My Rentorar’s Story goods beginning January 15th. (Pre-orders begin on the 8th!)






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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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