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Pokémon GO has revealed its featured Pokémon for January’s Community Day: everybody’s favorite rotund Ice-Water boi Spheal, which will appear more frequently in the wild on January 16th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. If you evolve Sealeo (Spheal’s first evolution) all the way into a Walrein during the event, it’ll know the Charged Attack Icicle Spear and the Fast Attack Powder Snow.



In addition, for $1, you’ll be able to see the Community Day Special Research Story: The Spheal Deal when the time comes. This all comes in addition to the usual Community Day goodies of 3x Catch EXP, Lure Modules and Incense lasting for three hours, and Community Day snapshots. Stay tuned as the day gets closer for more!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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