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Final Fantasy VI was one of the Super Nintendo’s best looking games at the time of its release, utilizing Mode 7 and other tricks to emulate 3D environments at certain points. While it’s been almost three decades since then, Square Enix is still looking to wow people with its visuals — or maybe just provide some nostalgia — with its upcoming Pixel Remaster, which has new screenshots. (via Famitsu) 


Similar to the “HD-2D” style of recent Square games like Octopath Traveler, the new render of the iconic opera scene clearly uses a version of 3D assets without sacrificing the pixel look. This is only a taste of what might be coming, but we can only hope that the game looks as good as Octopath or the upcoming Dragon Quest III remaster. While currently not Nintendo Switch-bound, given that the Pixel Remaster series is for the first six Final Fantasy games, all of which were on Nintendo systems originally, we can hope they’ll hit the console soon enough.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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