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It’s wintertime, which means it’s getting colder both outside and inside the house. And who better to keep you warm than the Sun Goddess herself? Capcom will start to sell Ōkami slippers at their Capcom Stores in Japan this month, each emblazoned with Ammy’s muzzle and even a little Issun.



The slippers will cost ¥3,080 (about $27.19) and will be released on November 11th (a joke based on how the onomatopoeia for dogs’ barks in Japanese is “wan,” so 11/11 would be “wan wan wan wan”). They’re joining the already illustrious lineup of goods available at the Capcom Store (including other Ōkami items). Even though they’ll be limited to Capcom Stores in Tokyo and Osaka at launch, Capcom does note that they may be available via its online store in the future.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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