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Team Rocket’s infiltration into Pokémon Masters EX’s limited-time events is at its end. So what new event will take its place? Now that we’re gearing up for Halloween, it’s only fair for everyone on the island of Pasio to begin celebrating! This year we’ll see two more characters get a Halloween makeover and take part in a spooktacular story. See Elite Four member Caitlin and Gym Leader Morty in their Halloween splendor and get ready to collect a bunch of Pika-Lanterns!


Story Event: Midnight Spookfest


When: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 at 11 p.m. – Thursday, November 4th, 2021 at 10:59 p.m.

  • Morty and Caitlin are dressed for Lear’s fantastical Halloween bash! Join them and Hilbert in Story Event: Midnight Spookfest, earning Pika-Lanterns with every battle!
  • Exchange Mini Pika-Lanterns and Big Pika-Lanterns for Items!
    • You can earn Mini Pika-Lanterns and Big Pika-Lanterns by completing battles. After collecting enough of them, trade them for valuable items using the Exchange Items menu.
  • Lineup Bonuses – you can earn bonus rewards if you have specific Sync Pairs in your lineup for battles in this event. The more of these sync pairs you place in your lineup, the more rewards you’ll obtain!
    • Applicable Sync Pairs:
      • Morty (Fall 2021) & Banette (x1.6 bonus)
      • Caitlin (Fall 2021) & Sableye (x1.6 bonus)
      • Acerola (Fall 2020) & Mimikyu (x1.4 bonus)
      • Hilbert (Fall 2020) & Mightyena (x1.4 bonus)
      • Acerola & Palossand (x1.2 bonus)
      • Nanu &Persian (x1.2 bonus)
      • Player Character & Pikachu (x1.2 bonus)
      • Player Character & Torchic (x1.2 bonus)
    • The lineup bonus is x1 by default and varies according to which sync pairs are on the team.
      • Example 1: If you place a x1.6 and a x1.2 Sync Pair on your team, you will receive x1.8 the number of Mini Pika-Lanterns and Big Pika-Lanterns.
    • Note: Acerola (Fall 2020) & Mimikyu and Acerola & Palossand cannot be in your lineup at the same time. 
    • Note: Sync Pairs with Pokémon that were hatched from Eggs are not applicable for lineup bonuses.
  • Event-specific medals will be awarded for meeting certain conditions in event missions.
  • When you complete the areas below, there’s a chance that you’ll obtain this event’s special Area Info, Bountiful Bonus Battle 1. You can collect Mini Pika-Lanterns and Big Pika-Lanterns more efficiently from this special area, so take on the challenge once you get it!
    • Challenge Pasio’s Trainers: Part 1
    • Challenge Pasio’s Trainers: Part 2
    • Challenge Pasio’s Trainers: Part 3
    • Challenge Pasio’s Trainers: Part 4
    • Daily Extreme Battle 1


A special log-in bonus is also underway to celebrate the event! You’ll find 14 days’ worth of bonuses – 80 Skip Tickets and 1,000 Gems in total. As for Morty and Caitlin, their Seasonal Scout versions for the holiday will have their own banners. Morty & Banette are available now, with Caitlin & Sableye joining the ghoulish bash on Friday, October 15th at 11 p.m.




Join the fun today in Pokémon Masters EX, available as a free-to-play mobile game via the App Store and Google Play.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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