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It’s safe to say that there will never be a shortage of Dragon Quest merchandise, especially when it comes to the iconic Slimes. Square Enix is bringing fans new items specifically tailored to those who love to travel — and travel in style! From footwear to luggage adornments, these new products are just the things you never knew you needed while traversing the world.

The spotlight for us is falling on the suitcase covers that are available in two designs, one being a Slime and the other a dot field (perfect for all you old school pixel fans). These are priced at ¥2,640 each.




Other notable items include slippers, backpacks, and eye masks. View those items and the entire collection at Square Enix’s online store! You can also pick up all of these items at Play-Asia. If you use the code NINWIRE at checkout, you can save 5% on any orders over $20.

The travel merch is set to ship this month, in October 2021.





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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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