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Following in the Disney and Sanrio tradition of developing attachments to fictional characters at birth that will last an entire lifetime, the marketers over at The Pokémon Company have developed the monpoké line of infant and toddler merch since 2019 — and today they’ve added a host of new goodies.

First is a slate of Eevee-exclusive merch: a plush (¥1320) , a squeaky toy (¥704), and little baby socks (1320 yen). Then there are whole new products featuring both Eevee and longtime franchise titan Pikachu, including fleece zip-ups (¥2,750), fleece hoodies (¥2,530), fleece overalls (¥3,190), patterned sweater (¥2,090) and matching pants (¥2,090), Pikachu and Eevee sweaters (¥2,090), and fleece dresses (¥2,530). For non-clothing items, there’s fluffy backpacks (¥2,530), shoulder bags (¥2,090 yen), and ballcaps (¥2,090). Enough to turn your toddler into a veritable Pokémaniac!



The line hasn’t officially come westward, so if you’d like to indoctrinate your infant into the Pokémon lifestyle you’ll have to import all this good stuff. We’ll be sure to let you know if and when that ever happens.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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