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There’s seemingly no corner of Fire Emblem’s tapestry of titles that Heroes can’t pull from. The handful of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE characters are pretty good proof of that, but the game’s next focus is going for a different kind of obscurity. After all, you may have played through Three Houses plenty, but did you dive into its paid DLC side story?

Yes, the majority of this batch of characters are coming from FE3H’s Cindered Shadows, bringing all four of the Ashen Wolves to the game. Yuri, Constance, and Hapi will all be featured while Balthus is also being added as a much easier to summon 3 and 4 star rarity. Of them Yuri, the Ashen Wolves’ leader, seems particularly interesting thanks to his Honorable Blade and Foul Play assist skill together giving him extra and unique movement options.

Where there are ashes there are likely flames, though, and the Wolves are being accompanied by one of Heroes’ own original characters. Múspell, god of flames and of the realm that shares his name, has already been present as a Tempest Trials+ boss. Now he, like Nifl before him, will be playable for those who summon him to their barracks.

These forgotten students of Abyss and Múspell shall join Fire Emblem Heroes beginning September 17th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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