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Chill out with Mario Kart Tour’s latest event, the Frost Tour! You’ll be able to glide over courses like RMX Vanilla Lake 1 and Wii DK Summit and make some new penguin friends while you’re at it. 

Frost Pipe 1 is going on now and features none other than Penguin Mario with the Penguin Slider Kart and Penguin Wingtip also available. And starting on August 17th, Frost Pipe 2 will begin, bringing Penguin Toad and Penguin Luigi along for the ride! The Black Penguin Slider and Cact-Ice are the spotlight Karts, with the Rainy Balloons and Manta Gliders also available.

All this frosty goodness will wrap up on August 24th at 10:59 p.m. PT, giving you plenty of time to kick back and chillax with Mario and friends!



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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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