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With Nintendo reporting on its financials for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending in March 2022, a number of noteworthy items are making the rounds. One of these is a major milestone – that Nintendo has now sold 800.07 million consoles since 1983. This number includes all of the consoles on Nintendo’s own dedicated video game sales units page, which is every handheld console they’ve produced and almost every home console they’ve produced. Understandably, the only console excluded from Nintendo’s own reporting is the Virtual Boy, which sold a measly 770,000 units over its short lifetime.



When you include the Virtual Boy and divide the resulting 800.84 million by the 38 years Nintendo has been selling consoles, you can see that Nintendo has essentially been selling 21.07 million consoles per year since 1983, and they haven’t shown any signs of stopping.

This figure certainly cements Nintendo as the leader in console sales in the current console landscape, especially when you consider that Sony and Microsoft have sold a combined 733.79 million consoles. Even more impressive is the fact that Nintendo is only 30.61 million console sales away from selling more consoles than every other competitor combined since 1983. Now the next question is when Nintendo will reach that feat.


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