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Fire Emblem Heroes is dipping once again into a specific game’s backstory and lore to bring forth a Mythic Hero. This time around it’s Genealogy of the Holy War getting attention, reviving one of its Twelve Crusaders to fight at summoners’ sides.

Behold, Ullr, the bowmaster that in the game’s detailed backstory found the house of Yngvi; a legacy and bloodline that extends into Genealogy’s playable present day. For comparison’s sake (as FE4 still has yet to get an official translation), this would be like if one of the Eight Legends from the GBA Fire Emblem’s backstory was added to Heroes’ summoning pool.

This marks her playable debut, and is a big boon for anyone hoping for a Jugdral remake. She’ll be taking up Holy Yewfelle as her weapon of choice, along with the desirable Deadeye special and a new exclusive skill known as Yngvi Ascendent. All of this (and the rest of her default kit) leads to high damage, frequent specials, and unhindered follow-up attacks.

Ullr will arrive as the centerpiece of a new Mythic focus beginning July 29th. Whether more of her fellow Crusaders or other legendary FE progenitors from across the series will follow is unknown at this time, but I’m all for Fire Emblem Heroes pulling from obscurity even more often than it already does.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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