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July 19th marked the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy X. While Square Enix did not throw a massive shebang for their beloved entry in the series, a new two-disc vinyl set featuring a selection of the game’s soundtrack has been unveiled by the company and will be releasing this fall. Have a look below at the front and back sides of each disc being featured in the set!



This is the first time Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy X’s soundtrack on vinyl. It should be noted once again that this limited edition set only contains a “special selection of songs” and not the entire soundtrack. The following selection of songs will be featured on each disc:


​​[Disc 1 – Side A]

  • Zanarkand
  • Tidus’s Theme
  • Otherworld
  • Battle Theme
  • Besaid


[Disc 1 – Side B]

  • Hymn of the Fayth
  • Phamtoms
  • Yuna’s Theme
  • Movement In Green
  • The Sending
  • Auron’s Theme
  • Chocobo Jam


[Disc 2 – Side C]

  • Rikku’s Theme
  • Assault
  • SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?)
  • A Fleeting Dream


[Disc 2 – Side D]

  • Fight With Seymour
  • A Contest Of Aeons
  • Final Battle


The vinyls themselves contain artwork of Titus and Yuna that fans of Final Fantasy X more than likely will recognize from over the years. The art in question most famously appeared on multiple iterations of the game’s box art and title screen including its original PlayStation 2 release and the HD Remaster that’s currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

The Final Fantasy X limited edition vinyl set will retail for $54.99 and will release on Wednesday, October 27th. For those interested in pre-ordering the vinyl set, head on over to Square Enix’s official shop while it is still available — who knows how many they’ll make!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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