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We already got a first wave of swimwear special heroes, but it looks like there’s plenty of beach to go around! Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed its second summertime focus for 2021, with characters from both Mystery of the Emblem and Heroes’ own Book IV storyline being featured. Let’s dive in to who’s included this time around:

Both Freyja and Freyr are ready for some much needed relaxation, but don’t sleep on their capabilities in battle. Both are cavalry beast units, with Freyja in particular quite stacked when it comes to skills. I blame the goat float. In an interesting show, Ogma has gotten his first alt in Heroes. The mercenary has been in the mobile game since the beginning, and defined an entire archetype back in the original Fire Emblem. Now he’s taking up a trident as this focus’ potential 4 star get.

On the other end of the spectrum is this batch’s Harmonized pair – Caeda and Plumeria. They’ll have access to self-healing, debuffs, Canto, and refreshing all at once while also having a huge variety of effective damage thanks to their unique Dolphin-Dive Axe. You can have a listen to their special conversation thanks to a dedicated preview for this otherwise unlikely pair:

All of them will be available beginning July 7th at 12 a.m. PT. Later they’ll be joined by a summertime Norne as a Tempest Trials+ reward. After a showing from legendary Byleth and the Three Houses themed first batch of summer alts, there may not be enough Orbs to go around by the time these four appear…

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Written by Ricky Berg

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