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Summertime is coming to Dragalia Lost in multiple ways, letting players soak in a brand new event and test their luck in the latest Gala Dragalia showcase. Check out the trailer for the event below and see what awaits you with the Toll of the Deep



As can be seen, both Alex and Mym are sporting swimwear, and we’re introduced to an undersea civilization. Among them is Tiana, a priestess concerned with awakening Leviathan using the Abyssal Bell. Said Bell will also be a brand new facility for you to upgrade in the Halidom, which will increase the power of adventurers who use axes or wands.




The event has just begun, and will be joined by a new Gala Dragalia featuring both a new dragon and adventurer: 



The big prize is Gala Reborn Nidhogg, a more powerful take on the original five-star shadow-attuned dragon. He will be exclusive to Galas, but this showcase also brings on Summer Alex. You can review both of their skills and capabilities to decide if they’re worth your Wyrmite. Summer Alex will also appear in another, upcoming showcase that will likely focus more on the beach vibes she’s bringing.

This Gala Draglia will begin tonight, July 29th, at 11 p.m. PT and will remain active until the same time on Sunday, July 4th.  


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Written by Ricky Berg

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