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Finding a way to destress or catch some sleep? Well, serenity now Trainers because a new lineup of Relaxing plushes and River figures are available from the Pokémon Center’s online shop. From a super-soft sleeping Pikachu to a Bulbasaur adorably riding a Psyduck-shaped pool float like a boogie board, check out all the latest Relaxing Pokémon products below!



The Relaxing Pokémon plush lineup includes Pikachu, Yamper, Eevee, and Grookey, while the Relaxing River figures will feature Pikachu riding a Snorlax float, Squirtle, Charmander in an Ultra Ball tube, and Bulbasaur in a Psyduck pool float. Each individual Relaxing Pokémon plush is $24.99 and the Relaxing River figures are $19.99 each.

If any of the pool toys from the Relaxing River figures look familiar, it’s because they’re from this year’s Pokémon Summer Days collection. The Snorlax and Psyduck pool floats are still available, along with pool floats modeled after Pikachu and Wailord. 

When the Pokémon Center adds more notable products in the future, we will of course be sure to update you all on the news!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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