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One of the most out-of-left-field announcements at today’s Netflix Geeked Week livestream was the reveal of a new animated series set in the Far Cry universe – or more accurately, the Ubisoft multiverse. Captain Lazerhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix follows the tale of Dolf Lazerhawk, a cyborg super soldier in a cyberpunk, synth-wave dystopia full of corporate control and oppression.



The series will be helmed by Adi Shankar of “Bootleg Universe” fame and animated by French animation studio Bobbypills. Shankar is known for his out-of-character and hyper-violent short form takes on famous Hollywood IPs (which we won’t share here, as they’re not the most family-friendly content) and plans to apply that same irreverent tone and perspective to the Captain Lazerhawk series. 

In a brief interview preceding the full reveal, Shankar cited DC Elseworlds’ Captain N: Game Master and his own works at Bootleg Universe as the inspiration for this new project. He’s been given the green light by Ubisoft to intertwine all of their currently-existing IP into the world of Captain Lazerhawk. What this means exactly is still a mystery, however, it’s safe to assume that it will be an over-the-top, cameo-filled, and extra-violent take on some of gaming’s most beloved characters.



Following Shankar’s breakdown of Captain Lazerhawk, he passed it over to Bobbypills studio – specifically Mehdi Leffad (Director) and Balak (Bobbypills studio Creative Director) – to show what’s going on behind the scenes. To watch the announcement, first look, and interviews, you can check it out starting at the 26:58 mark:



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