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NEO: The World Ends With You is releasing next month, and with an anime adaptation of the original DS game currently airing, Square Enix is poised to take advantage with a slate of merch now available on its NA online store. Most of it is only pre-orderable at the moment, but there’s quite a bit to dig into, including the following:


  • Copies of NEO TWEWY
  • The CD soundtracks for NEO TWEWY and the TWEWY anime
  • A Mr. Mew plush, coin purse, pocket mirror, cushion, pouch, and slippers
  • A necklace based on the Reapers’ logo
  • A “special merchandise set” that contains a pin badge set, small Mr. Mew pouch, and a record bag that says “greetings sheeple of Shibuya!”
  • A Bring Arts action figure of Neku along with scale figures of Neku and Shiki



There’s extra news on that last point, as Japanese figure maker Kotobukiya has also revealed a prototype for another Neku figure with a fancier base:



If you’re So Zetta Crazy for TWEWY items, this is the place to check it all out as you await NEO TWEWY’s release on July 27th.


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