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New investor relations information has been shared by Sega, and while much of it is expected financial data for all corners of their entertainment business, there are a few key pieces of info related to their video games.

For one, they reiterate their “core” franchises by laying out a strategy of making existing IPs into goal brands. Among those cited are Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star Online 2, the Yakuza series, Total War, and Persona 5. That plan exists on a three year timespan, but it’s the five year plan that’s extra interesting. 

It seems their main goal is to create what Sega calls a “Super Game.” This designation likely coincides with the caliber of reception and subsequent support the already mentioned franchises receive. It doesn’t seem to indicate some secret project,  and it’s notable they rank such an endeavor as having lower profitability than continuing to support its bread and butter. 

They also mention past/dormant IP as potential projects. These would contrast the “active” IP which include the above as well as Football Manager and the larger Megami Tensei brand. 

The following franchises are name dropped directly as examples:


  • Crazy Taxi
  • Jet Set Radio
  • Space Channel 5
  • Rez
  • Panzer Dragoon
  • NiGHTS
  • Shinobi
  • Virtua Fighter
  • Altered Beast
  • House of the Dead
  • Streets of Rage
  • Soul Hackers


It’s quite the list, with potential for remaster, remake, and reboot all included in the same slide. While none of this is concrete, it may give some indication of what characters and games we’ll be seeing from Sega in the next five years. 

Knowing several people who’d jump at the chance to play anything Jet Set Radio, and the growing prominence of eSports lending itself well to a Virtua Fighter return, this list is quite compelling. It does omit some notables, such as Fantasy Zone and the strangely absent from all lists Puyo Puyo, but any more classic Sega back in the world is welcome.


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Written by Ricky Berg

When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Wire, Ricky’s anticipating the next Kirby, Fire Emblem, or if the stars ever align, Mother 3 to be released. Till then he’ll have the warm comfort of Super Smash Bros. to keep him going.