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Dragalia Lost has hosted plenty of events at this point, but like most video games there’s just something about crossovers. Of them, Fire Emblem Heroes has double dipped via the Lost Heroes and Kindred Ties collaborations. Both of them brought unique rewards, including adventurers, but have both only been available for limited time periods.

As previously announced in a Dragalia Digest, both of these Fire Emblem Heroes collabs will now have a permanent home in Dragalia Lost via the Event Compendium feature.

The Event Compendium has allowed players to revisit old events, enjoy their storylines, and earn rewards exclusive to them even when they’ve been “retired” from any sort of rotation. If history holds, Lost Heroes and Kindred Ties will now be accessible forevermore. Most notably this means players can add Alfonse and Sharena to their collection without issue. As for the showcases that came with these, giving players a chance to summon Fire Emblem characters like Marth and Chrom, they may be returning soon as well but in a more temporary capacity.

There’s no word on a third Fire Emblem Heroes event yet for Dragalia Lost, but if you missed the first two you can finally check them out starting May 16th at 11 p.m. PT.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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