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This past weekend the wealthiest man in the world, Elon Musk, appeared as a guest host on Saturday Night Live. Among his performances that night there was a tongue-in-cheek skit that placed Musk in the role of the richest (and smelliest) man in the Mushroom Kingdom – Wario. 

In the skit, the objectively superior Mario Brothers protagonist (not antagonist) is on trial for the accused murder of Mario during a kart race. Hilarity ensues as the courtroom descends into chaos with various characters pleading their case against the money-loving treasure hunter.



The full skit is available to watch on SNL’s YouTube channel, but be warned – the video contains adult content and themes, and isn’t intended for younger viewers.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

A writer and dreamer who loves all things tropical, bright, colorful, and shiny. Marcus is obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and patiently awaits its triumphant return to Nintendo hardware. He has a (totally real) court order that requires him to always have a 3DS or Switch on his person when leaving the house for more than a few hours.