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Letter writing may be a dying form of communication (and art, if you ask me), yet that hasn’t stopped gaming companies from releasing beautiful stamps to adorn the correspondences of those who still partake in the oldest form of long-distance communication. The Pokémon Company is the latest to do so, announcing a new line of stamps featuring a mixture of original artwork and classic Pokémon card designs. 



The standout designs are a pair of larger stamps that have been made in the style of traditional Japanese paintings and feature Pikachu riding on the shoulders of a young woman, and a flock of Cramorant diving from the heavens.

The stamps will release in Japan on July 7th as two sets of sheets for ¥630 and ¥840 respectively, with a collector’s set planned for release on August 25th for ¥4,000 that will include a limited edition stamp box, three transformable cards, as well as two promotional Pokémon trading cards that feature the traditional Japanese paintings from the larger stamps.




Thanks to Siliconera for translating the official announcement!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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