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Three years ago on April 18th, 2018, one Pokémon Café establishment would open up in Tokyo, Japan to a delectably sweet surprise of becoming a permanent location. After years of pop-up locations opening and closing across the region, the first permanent Pokémon Café establishment would to — no surprise — become a massive rising business venture for The Pokémon Company that would expand into plenty of more locations, merchandise, and even games. To celebrate the latest milestone, Pokémon Café locations will be adding three new renditions of some old fan-favorite items to the menu.



As can be seen above, Eevee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait, Pokémon Café Fruit Pancakes, and Pikachu’s Good Bare Plate will return to Pokémon Café locations evolved and revitalized for a limited time. Back again with their sweet flavors and adorable looks, each of the three meals has been adjusted to reflect the Pokémon Café’s continual growth. Rather than just featuring outlines or matching colors to their retrospective mascots like the original dishes, these updated items now feature detailed prints, edible faces, and silhouette toppers.

Local customers and visitors interested in purchasing any of the three items should however note that their availability will be short-lived. While the items are now available, on Friday, May 14th, Eevee’s Sweet Chocolate Parfait will be discontinued; and one week later on Friday, May 21st, Pokémon Café Fruit Pancakes will make their final flip. To close off the small celebration, on Friday, May 28th, Pikachu’s Good Bare Plate will leave menus permanently. When more delicious Pokémon Café news is ready to be served, we’ll be sure to let you all know!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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