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Dragalia Lost has just announced its next Gala Dragalia Remix showcase, opening the door for players to add two new adventurers to their ranks (and Encyclopedia) if luck permits. This time around it’s a pair of alternate versions of characters that have been in the game since the very beginning, bringing some back-to-school vibes to the game. 


Humanoid Mercury is a familiar enough concept, following in both Mym and more recently Midgardsormer’s shapeshifted footsteps. Decidedly unlike previous characters is Child Ranzal, who has regressed to his younger days via some magical mishap. You can learn more about that in the currently ongoing Elementary Escapades event, and likewise, see the ins and outs of their skills and strength amp features on their dedicated Dragalia Lost announcement.

This latest Gala Dragalia Remix is live in-game now!


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Written by Ricky Berg

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