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Another day, another new batch of Pokémon merchandise — though this new line is nothing if not aesthetically pleasing. The ‘Ball Freak’ line of associated merch is matching certain Pokémon to Poké Ball designs — Mewtwo with the Master Ball, Umbreon with a Moon Ball, Sylveon with a Love Ball, Mimikyu with a Luxury Ball, and Dragapult with a Dusk Ball. You can see the matching colors, and the fitting merch, that ensue.



Items include keychains for all five, Mimikyu and Umbreon neckties, hand towels, sticky notes, Umbreon and Sylveon lidded mugs, socks, washi tape, clear files, and even a Dragapult PC cover. The whole lineup launches in Japan online on April 24th, so if you have the means to acquire the items for yourself, that’ll be the time to do it. I’ll be looking out for the Umbreon features of the line, myself.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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