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With the hot weather on the rise in Japan, leave it to the most delicious-looking Fairy-type Pokémon to come forward with some adorable and delectable refreshments. Alcremie will be starring as various milk-styled shake drinks at Pokémon Café and Pikachu Sweets locations starting Saturday, April 10th. On top of being able to purchase one of seven different drinks, customers can also find a statue of Alcremie to take photos with at select locations.



To be thematically appropriate with the popular Pokémon’s characteristics, the Alcremie drinks are strawberry milk-styled beverages served with soft-serve ice cream and whipped cream. Each drink will go for approximately ¥842 (tax included, about $7.76) and will come with a choice of seven different designs based on all of the character’s multiple forms seen in Pokémon Sword and Shield. For more information on the latest Alcremie-themed Pikachu Sweets, you can visit the Pokémon Centers’ official page on the new items for more details.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

Ever since owning a cobalt blue Game Boy Advance, Nintendo is his preferred way of gaming. Marc is a journalist, creative writer, and video producer. While his focus may be on providing news, he spends his days preparing reviews for games of the present and past.