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If you haven’t yet purchased a membership for Nintendo Switch Online, or simply want and/or need to renew, there’s a little bonus in it for you if you do it right now. From now until May 10th, buying an NSO membership will net you My Nintendo Gold Points. As for how many Gold Points you can receive, it depends on the type of membership you purchase as well as the region you live in, as shown in the below chart:



These Gold Points can be used for discounts on digital purchases through the Nintendo eShop. It looks like the amount of Gold Points obtainable through this Special Offer is similar to what you would normally get from purchasing a game of the same price (a $20 game would get you 200 Gold Points which is $2 off on a purchase, though they can obviously accumulate over time). Now’s a good time to buy or renew your subscription, if only for this little Golden bonus.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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