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Some of the world’s best experiments are those that dare to ask “why not?” So when Cristopher Nolan insisted that his latest movie, Tenet, shouldn’t be seen anywhere other than a theatre, in the middle of a global pandemic no less, it makes sense that someone out there asked exactly that, “why not?”

Bob Wulff is the man doing the asking, and what he’s done is found what could only be described as Christopher Nolan’s worst nightmare: he’s made it possible to watch Tenet on the Game Boy Advance. He’s managed to fit the mind-bending thriller onto five Game Boy Advance Video cartridges using a process involving lots of programs and pieces of hardware and by cutting a lot of corners, and you can follow along over at the WULFF DEN YouTube channel.



The movie is technically watchable, though that definition may be a bit generous. In order to fit the movie onto five cartridges, it has to run in a 192×128 resolution at 6 frames per second. You could, of course, get a more watchable copy onto a larger number of cartridges, but where is the fun in that? Besides, it’s probably not going to sound great no matter what you do, since according to Wulff, Tenet’s already strange sound mix translates rather poorly to the GBA’s speakers.

While Nolan may have been a bit dramatic as far as stating that Tenet should only be experienced in theaters, it’s fair to say that there is a wrong way to watch Tenet, and that’s on a Game Boy Advance.


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Written by Jaxson Tapp

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