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Mario Day may not be until this Wednesday, but that hasn’t stopped Jakks Pacific from announcing a new playset from the mustachioed plumber’s universe. The new Super Mario Bowser’s Airship playset was announced via Twitter and it’s a surprisingly detailed recreation of its in-game inspiration.



The Deluxe Bowser’s Airship Playset comes with a 2.5” Mario figure and features spinning propellers and rocking motion wheels. Plus, if you hit the right button, the Airship theme song will even play! Removing the airship’s top deck reveals a large compartment that’s perfect for storing other Super Mario figures. It’s worth noting that the image showing the figures stashed below-deck has a disclaimer at the bottom which states that they are sold separately from the airship itself.



Depending on the actual size of the playset, the hollowed-out innards of Bowser’s flagship may end up being able to double as a unique way to store Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, accessories, and cartridges.

The Deluxe Bowser’s Airship Playset will be ready to invade the Mushroom Kingdom – and your toy box – this fall for $39.99 at participating retailers.


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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