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Fire Emblem Heroes is all about crossing over, bringing together characters from the series’ entire history in one place. Of course, you have to have a little luck and patience to add who you want to your ranks, but there’s another way you can enjoy over thirty years of strategy that’s as easy as hitting ‘play’. 



The Fire Emblem Heroes Music Compilation is nearly two hours of songs, about three or so from each main game in the series. This does leave out Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but includes some of Heroes’ own original compositions. The full tracklist, as well as timestamps, can be found below: 


  • 00:00​ Opening 
  • 00:15​ Howling Gears (Heroes)
  • 02:24​ Path of the Hero-King (Mystery of the Emblem)
  • 04:58​ Under this Banner (Mystery of the Emblem)
  • 07:31​ Valor Everlasting (Mystery of the Emblem)
  • 10:05​ Advance (New Mystery of the Emblem)
  • 12:39​ Preparations (Shadow Dragon)
  • 15:13​ Sweet Victory (Shadow Dragon)
  • 17:47​ The Dauntless Blade (Echoes)
  • 19:56​ March to Deliverance (Echoes)
  • 22:29​ With Mila’s Divine Protection (Echoes)
  • 25:02​ What Lies at the End (Echoes)
  • 28:03​ Epilogue: End of the Holy War (Genealogy of the Holy War)
  • 30:11​ Chapter 5: Doorway to Destiny (Genealogy of the Holy War)
  • 32:44​ Chapter 6: Inheritors of Light (Genealogy of the Holy War)
  • 35:18​ Leif’s Army, In Search of Victory – Base (Thracia 776)
  • 37:52​ Let’s Go, Leif! (Thracia 776)
  • 40:26​ Attack! (The Binding Blade)
  • 43:00​ Beyond Distant Skies (The Binding Blade)
  • 45:33​ Winning Road (The Binding Blade)
  • 48:06​ Path of the Divine General (The Binding Blade)
  • 49:50​ Friendship and Adventure (The Blazing Blade)
  • 51:59​ Binding Ties (The Blazing Blade)
  • 54:33​ Truth, Despair and Hope (The Sacred Stones)
  • 57:07​ Distant Roads (The Sacred Stones)
  • 59:41​ A Battle and a Beginning (Path of Radiance)
  • 1:01:25​ Greil’s Mercenaries (Path of Radiance)
  • 1:03:57​ The First Fight (Path of Radiance)
  • 1:05:42​ Eternal Bond (Radiant Dawn)
  • 1:08:15​ Bearer of Hope (Radiant Dawn)
  • 1:10:23​ Ascent (Radiant Dawn)
  • 1:12:58​ Id (Purpose) [Awakening]
  • 1:16:02​ Conquest (Ablaze) [Awakening]
  • 1:18:11​ Main Theme (Summer) [Awakening]
  • 1:19:55​ Dusk Falls (Fire) [Fates]
  • 1:22:37​ Road Taken (Roar) [Fates]
  • 1:25:15​ Justice RIP (Storm) [Fates]
  • 1:27:50​ Paths That Will Never Cross (Three Houses)
  • 1:29:34​ Fódlan Winds (Three Houses)
  • 1:32:17​ Blue Skies and Battle (Three Houses)
  • 1:35:18​ As Swift as Wind (Three Houses)
  • 1:37:27​ Wind of Askr (Heroes)
  • 1:39:35​ Return to Nifl (Heroes)
  • 1:42:08​ Fire Emblem Main Theme (Heroes Ver.) 
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Written by Ricky Berg

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