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Dragalia Lost continues to grow, with the latest chapter of its overarching narrative arriving just last week. Those invested in Nintendo and Cygames’ gacha partnership have even more to look forward to, as starting tonight both the latest Gala Dragalia showcase and a new facility event will begin. 



Headlining the Gala is another dragon, this time the Reborn version of Jeanne d’Arc. For those that have been playing the game since launch, Jeanne will no doubt be familiar as she was the very first dragon available at a boosted rate. Now she’s getting her expected update, and appearing alongside the new character Ryszarda. Their skills and abilities are viewable on the  Dragalia Lost website



Ryszarda is but one of the characters that will be central to the new Divine Deception facility event. Based around motifs that will be familiar to anyone that played the Agents of the Goddess event, it introduces more of the northern Ilian Church and deals with a mysterious village where peoples’ memories are being rewritten.

Both the latest Gala Dragalia and the Divine Deception event will begin tonight, February 25th, at 10 p.m. PT.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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