Take note, classic Sonic fans — Sega Europe is opening pre-orders for a restock of First4Figures’ Sonic & Tails diorama figure, set to release in April of this year. The statue is going for a pretty price of £350/388€, and there are only a limited number in stock, so if you want the high-quality statue for yourself act now and visit either the Sega UK or Sega EU stores.




Meanwhile, if you’re in the US and want the statue yourself, you can order it from the First4Figures site for a cool $500. They have a handful of other Sonic figures in stock too (including an alternate version of this very diorama), so be sure to check them out.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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Amelia Fruzzetti

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  1. Working on visual aesthetics, the team was dedicated to the similarities with the original character. Which was likely to match the needs of the Sonic fans. I’m one of them, by the way, but I was calmly waiting for the release and sail starting for students: discounts are coming!

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