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Dragalia Lost is getting ready to wrap up its year, which means plenty of bonuses and events to look forward to on the mobile front. Even though those are still a few days away, there’s something available now to tempt your tickets in the form of a new Gala Dragalia summon. 



Reborn Zephyr follows in the footsteps of Poseidon, being one of the earliest dragons found in the game. After it became a ‘Void’ boss, the wind bird has gotten a new lease on life as a Gala-only pick-up. Expect Agni, Nidhogg, and Jeanne d’Arc to follow in the coming months.



If you want an idea of what’s on the way, check out the above video as well. This shows what freebies and bonuses are on the way, including daily tenfolds towards the new characters included both in that preview and the below look at the upcoming Cursed Connections raid event. 



Reborn Zephyr’s Gala Dragalia is happening in-game now. As for the New Year’s bonuses, some will be beginning in the next in-game day, starting tonight at 10 p.m. PT while the Cursed Connections tie-in story, event, and characters will arrive starting Wednesday, December 30th at the same time. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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