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Calling all Funko and Pokémon fans! Another list of Funko products for 2021 has been leaked. Initially posted by Javier Morel on Instagram, and then made popular by Twitter account Dis Funko and other Funko Fans, four “new” Pokémon Funko POP!s were mentioned.


Cropped version of leaked Funko POP! list posted by Javier Morel.


Granted, two of these Pokémon have already been made into POP!s, but they’re getting some alternate versions. The star of the series, Pikachu will be released yet again, but in an “Attack Stance” pose. The second is Pokédex No. 001 Bulbasaur and they will be an “SV/MT” (silver metallic) variant.

As for the new, first-time-as-a-POP! Pokémon, that would be Psyduck and Meowth (misspelled as “Meowthe” in the leak). Popular icons from Kanto and the long-running Pokémon anime, we won’t be surprised if these two end up receiving flocked variants for conventions/virtual conventions and/or even making the jump to the 10” POP!s line.

We’ll continue to follow any further updates about Funko’s POP! line with The Pokémon Company – official or leaked.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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