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UPDATE: Jordan Vogt-Roberts tweeted out the following comment concerning Deadline’s story.



Looks like the casting announcement is out of the cardboard box!



Kept you waiting huh? Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Metal Gear Solid movie has been gaining quite a bit of traction these last two years, but according to Deadline, the long-awaited adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s tactical espionage action franchise might be finally making its first major move to getting into cinemas.

Various sources connected to the entertainment publisher and the Konami cinematic project have suggested that Oscar Isaac is closing in on playing Solid Snake in the movie. Just last year, the Star Wars and Dune actor had mentioned in an interview with IGN on his Triple Frontier press tour that he would love to “throw his hat in the ring” at the iconic Foxhound agent on the big screen if given the opportunity.



It is important to note that not only should we be taking these rumors with the same precaution the legendary soldier would take infiltrating Shadow Moses, but director Vogt-Roberts has not officially stated as to whether Solid Snake or Big Boss would be the main character of the Metal Gear Solid movie. Vogt-Roberts has previously shown interest in presenting both of the series protagonist on-screen in some way, however, it is still completely unknown as to whether one, the other, or both will play a critical role in the film.

While Deadline may be right on the money for who will play “Snake” determining as to whether which character Isaac would exactly act is still a massive mystery – for all we know he could play both like voice actor David Hayter in the games. For more information on the Metal Gear Solid movie, we will keep you all updated when official details make the rounds from Konami and the film’s studio production company.


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