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Pokémon trainers living in Japan are going to have a limited-time opportunity to once again purchase some visually and tasteful delicious looking pastries. Mister Donut is embarking on another collaboration this year with The Pokémon Company to provide a new Sword and Shield themed lineup of desserts and merchandise. On sale from Friday, November 13th, to the end of December, customers can get a taste of the Pokémon donuts and accompanying merchandise seen below:



The spotlight of this year’s collaboration rests mostly on Pikachu, Chansey, standard Poké Balls, and Ultra Balls, however, the Galar and Kanto starters do make an appearance in some of the various merchandise items. Pikachu pudding and Chansey lucky donuts will go for ¥240 each (about $2.28) while the strawberry and chocolate flavored Maru de Monster balls cost ¥200 (about $1.90). Meanwhile, merchandise items will only be included in various bundles ranging from ¥1300 to ¥1415 ($12.37 to $13.46) that will include your choice of dessert. For more information on the Pokémon x Mister Donut collaboration, you can check out the crossover’s official website.


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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