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A heads up for any Trainer looking to find their favorite companions in a soft and adorable form, the Pokémon All Star Collection plushies will be returning early this month. While there is no exact release date yet, this November Pokémon Center retail and digital stores will be stocking up on Sanei’s latest lineup of pocket monsters from across several generations of the series. Have a look at the full upcoming lineup of plushies below!



The 15th set of the All Star Collection will include Pikachu (female variant as depicted by its unique tail), Eevee, Horsea, Mr. Mime, Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, Sentret, Flygon, Lucario, and Steenee. All plushies will range from 1760¥ to 2200¥ (about $17.04 to $21.29) depending on their size. While there has been no official word on overseas details just yet, it’s likely these products will come to the West as most other Sanei Pokémon plushies typically do. When this set is available for order online, we’ll be sure to let you all know!


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Written by Marc Kaliroff

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